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The Eureka Tower in Southbank is the second tallest building in Australia standing at 297m tall and is the highest tower in Melbourne. It has more storeys than the Q1 skyscraper on the Gold Coast, which measures just over 322m Only in big cities can you… scale skyscrapers in a superhero costume (credit: UK Daily Mail/Getty Images. Click on image for full story).

Show and Tell is for both photographers and writers. This is a fill-in-the-blank/complete the sentence prompt. Use all four, or just one, two or three prompts from the list below.

Writers: Write a story with at least 100 words. Use the prompts any way you wish, but  you must use the first part of the sentence with whatever you chose to fill in the blank somewhere in your post.

Photographers, you may include the sentence as accompanying copy with your photo if you wish, but you must show us the place and/or the thing that fills in the blank(s).

  • Only in big cities can you __________________.
  • Only in (name a person, real or imagined)’s garage is___________________.
  • Only in summer will _______________________.
  • Only in dreams___________________.


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